About Actualise

At Actualise, we are passionate about mental health and well being, and aim to bring the best evidence-based interventions to all of our clients. 

As well as offering a range of assessments and services, we are Ireland's leading Neurofeedback Training Service, founded in 2012 at Dublin City University by Dr. Michael Keane. Since then, we have expanded to a new premises in the DCU Alpha Innovation campus. This gave us the space to add a range of services alongside neurofeedback, including psychological assessments, psychotherapy, counselling, applied behaviour analysis, positive behaviour support, clinical psychology interventions, and more.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive care, drawing on a wide range of disciplines. In addition, we run classes, workshops and information evenings on all aspects of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour management. 

Our Philosophy:

Neuroscience and Psychological Science form the basis of all of our work, and is a theme which runs through all of our pathways.

Empowering individuals is a core principle of our work. We acknowledge the varied and personal needs of each of our clients. To help us to help our clients in the most meaningful way, we rely on the most recent and reputable scientific evidence to provide an evidence-based and transparent service.

In conjunction with an approach based on scientific principles, we understand that we are dealing with people, families and lives and therefore ensure a person-centred approach, where the needs of the clients are served with a caring, compassionate and sensitive approach. 

Although all of our work is personalised and tailored for each client, there is a template which run through all programs:

1. Assessments are based on the most recent tools in Psychometrics, Neuroscience and Psychological Science, with plans and goals being clearly defined;

2. Design of interventions is data-driven and tailored in light of assessment results;

3. Tailored interventions are delivered using evidence-based tools and techniques that are validated and well-researched;

4. Results are clearly defined and linked back to plans and goals set out at the assessment phase. We regularly monitor progress and use that data to refine our interventions on an ongoing basis. We employ, where appropriate, 360 feedback, and use this to add value in terms of practical steps for maintenance of gains and momentum. 

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Thought Leaders in Neuroscience

In April 2018, Dr. Michael Keane and the Actualise Team were accredited by the All-Ireland Business Summit in Croke Park as Thought Leaders in Neuroscience. This accreditation was given based on the pioneering work the team are doing in the area of mental health, brain health and brain imaging.


We are the only clinic in Ireland to have a BCIA-accredited NFT provider, and follow International Best Practice Standards. Read here why choosing a BCIA-Certified Professional is the best choice. In addition, as all our practitioners are members of their relevant regulatory bodies, we adhere to the ethical guidelines as set out by the Psychological Society of Ireland and the British Psychological Society.