Teachers' Summer Courses: Frequently Asked Questions


- Are the Actualise Academy Courses approved by the DES for EPV days?

Yes. All our summer courses carry the entitlement of 3 EPV days for Primary Teachers.


- Is there a limit to how many courses can I do for EPV days?

Yes, the DES has imposed a limit of 5 EPV days in any one year. This 5 day entitlement can be reached by doing all 3 of our courses:

1 ONLINE COURSE entitles you to claim 3 EPV DAYS

2 ONLINE COURSES entitles you to claim 4 EPV DAYS

3 ONLINE COURSES entitles you to claim 5 EPV DAYS


- What are the course completion requirements? How much work is involved?

Courses are run online. Courses consist of a total of 40 hours each. This is divided into 5 modules x 4 hours each. Each module hour module breaks down into 4 hours online work (lectures, MCQs) and with a rough equivalent offline for self-directed learning (e.g. recommended videos, reading, etc.)

Assessment of the course is as follows:

1. Multiple choice questions and short answer questions are interspersed through the 5 modules on each course, and are based on the content you will have just seen;

2. Each module requires a short reflective piece, asking you to think through how you will apply the material you have just learned to your own learning environment;

3. You must engage with the online forums for each course.

Please note: You must must complete assignments for each module before moving to the next module.


- Can I register for a course now?

Yes. You can do so on here. Places are limited to 75 per course.


- When can I access my course?

All courses will be accessible from July 2nd to August 24th 2018. They must be completed by by 5pm on August 24th.


- How do I access my course?

You will be sent a link to register with our online service provider.


- How do I deal with passwords/logins?

All of this information will be sent in July. Our online service provider has full facilities to deal with any login/password issues. If you do have any technical issues, you can fill out our Technical Support form here.


- How much time is required of me?

Courses are scheduled for 40 hours. 20 of these hours are online, and the other 20 are done in your own time.


- How will I get my certificate of completion?

Once you have successfully completed your course, a certificate of completion will be sent to you by one of the Actualise Academy staff.