Summer Courses for Teachers in Ireland 2018

By The Actualise Academy

Welcome to the Actualise Academy Summer Courses Page. On this page we will host links to our upcoming series of Summer Courses for Teachers in Ireland for 2018. These courses form an integral part of teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD). You can read the Summer Courses Booklet for more details on the scheme. Online courses are becoming increasingly popular; in 2017, over 27,000 online courses were completed by teachers, and increase of over 7,000 on 2016. We would love to see you take some of our courses. Titles this year include:

1. Using Neuroscience to Support an Emotionally Resilient and Mindful School.

2. Helping Children Understand Anxiety and Promoting Positive Behaviour.

3. Anxiety in Children: Why It Occurs and How to Deal With It.

Are you interested in these courses? If so, register your interest here as places are limited to 75 people per course.

We believe in empowering teachers with knowledge of how brains work, how and why behaviours occur and practical tips and tricks to make positive behaviour changes. If Teachers have this knowledge about children and adolescents, and about ourselves, we can empower you to feel more in control and to deal with a complex and constantly dynamic school environment. This means you can focus on what you do best - being a Teacher!

Courses are designed and delivered by our team, bringing together our experience of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour Support. Along with this, we bring many years of experience of teaching at all levels in Ireland, so we understand what needs teachers have as they face the day to day challenges in the classroom. Registration will be available soon and, once our courses are available, all resources, registration, delivery, technical support and contact about the courses will be available on here, so bookmark the page!

Once our courses are live, this section of the page will act as a technical support platform.

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