Why do Nuns age so well?

“In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brain” -George Szell. 

Why do Nuns age so well? One of the best ways you can maintain brain health is by exercising the brain by learning something new. Read here about why stimulating the brain with continuous intellectual activity keeps the cells in our brain healthy and alive.

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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

In this article, we provide some very simple tips on how you can maintain a healthy body and healthy brain by a few small actions every day - at home or in the office!

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Managing Emotions: The Anatomy of a Moment

This article explains why understanding our emotions is important, and how it can help us to manage stress. We give some quick tips on how to manage your emotions effectively, and explain why even learning to "name them to tame them" can make a really big difference to your brain and your experience.

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ADHD in Ireland

This article outlines some information on ADHD, what the symptoms look like, its prevalence, how it is diagnosed and treatment options. There is also some information on ADHD in adults. 

We provide information on how ADHD should be diagnosed, how assessments are done and by whom, what the main symptoms are, and what options are available to you for managing symptoms.

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