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Liam (ADHD)

I did 20 neurofeedback sessions with Dr. Keane during 2012 and early 2013. My interest in neurofeedback came from the fact that I could not cope with the side effects of stimulants and atomoxemine alone was not helping me deal with all the problems I had as a consequence of ADHD. After having a look at different providers, I chose Dr. Keane’s service because they seemed the most qualified providers in the Dublin area. Michael Keane was kind enough to meet me before starting the treatment to answer some of the doubts I had. He also took the time during the treatment to explain the science behind neurofeedback, what could be realistically expected from the treatment, how the procedure works and was in general very supportive.

Neurofeedback is hard work, a bit like lifting weights with the brain. But the hard effort pays off. Six months after having finalised sessions, I have more control of my capacity to concentrate and to stop daydreaming. I therefore recommend neurofeedback as part of the treatment to deal with adult ADHD, together with medication, education about the impact of ADHD on executive functions and a balanced lifestyle.

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