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Sam (anxiety)

As a solicitor I experienced a lot of stress on the job, coupled with worries about home life, family etc, anxiety was a near permanent factor in my everyday life. I have always had a tendency to worry excessively. I think that I was born that way. I have always made the effort to counteract it with trying CBT, working out etc.

I heard about Neurofeedback on the radio. I was intrigued but skeptical. I did a lot of research on it and decided to give it a go. I knew at the very least it wouldn’t do any harm.

Neurofeedback was a great experience from start to finish. The staff couldn’t be more friendly and professional. The entire process was explained in great detail and every effort was made to make me more comfortable and to tailor the program to suit me. The feedback from the staff and the program itself was a great motivator. I was continually reassured and given great encouragement.

I didn’t notice anything much until session 12. I left that session feeling, what I can only describe as a ‘lift’. I didn’t put it down to Neurofeedback but as the week continued I began to notice a sense of calm when anything potentially troubling arose. That feeling continued and even intensified on the next session. While that pure feeling of almost ‘floated’ has settled down, I continue to experience a normalising of my emotions. My reactions are now without that stabbing anxiety I would usually experience. It’s a new lease of life for me. My only concern now is that I maintain this for the long term. Having experienced the freedom from anxiety, I know that life is just too short to live with it. By the 17/18 session I also realised that Neurofeedback had eliminated a form of depression that I hadn’t even realised was having such a negative effect on me. I no longer wake up with a gloomy feeling about the day, or go into spins of negative thinking if something goes wrong. I am really grateful for this lift in mood generally. It makes life so much easier.

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Jenna (anxiety)

Life was very stressful as I had a lot of fear around everything and a constant pain/heaviness in my chest. I limited my life because of worry and fear and I did not enjoy life at all. Everything was stressful and fearful.

The experience was very professional, helpful and comfortable. Everything was explained clearly, no false expectations were raised. A very measured approach was taken. The staff were very helpful, friendly and approachable.

My experience of life and living is easier and more positive. The pain in my chest lifted. Worry is not so all consuming. I still worry and stress but not at the level I did before. I now even feel happy and positive on occasions.

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