Oisín (learning disability)

Before Neurofeedback, Oisín was unable to talk, only a few words, no sentences. He was not very sociable, and would leave room if strangers entered. He was good at names and places. Heard it was good so wanted to help to get Oisín to make sentences and be more sociable if possible. 

We found the experience very helpful and professional, a complete eye opener as to what can be done. Now, Oisín is able to make sentences and better conversation. He is able to sing full verses of songs! He is more sociable and will not leave the room when visitors appear. He’s very good at I-pad, and is able to get Done Deal, Tractors and Machinery and plenty of music. Now, he’s more interested in learning colours etc. and is very good at riding his bicycle.

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Leah (depression)

I was experiencing bouts of severe depression with fatigue and no motivation, increased appetite and weight gain, suicide ideation & obsessive disturbing thoughts. A friend of a friend recommended Neurofeedback Training to me. My experience was very positive. Michael and the team were very kind and eager to help.

My mood is generally more stable, though I feel I have reached a ceiling which is probably due to my medication.

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Rachel (anxiety)

My life was really difficult, chaotic and unmanageable. My stress levels were extremely high and my anxiety was severe to the point of panic attack. Could not attend work and minor upsets were a major issue. My mood was low and depressed also.

I have tried a lot of other treatments in the past i.e. Psychotherapy; Hypnotherapy; Yoga; Meditation; Mindfulness; CBT; Exercise; Lifestyle changes-No alcohol, with varied but not consistent change in symptoms. So I wanted to try neurofeedback.

It was an excellent experience, very comfortable environment, great team, lovely atmosphere. Very professional. My life has changed for the better, I am much more content. I have gained clarity in my thinking and organizing and planning behaviours. I have developed better insight and perspective on my life and difficulties, and they no longer feel insurmountable-my problems feel smaller and my anxiety has eased and my depression has lifted. I feel like my brain has been polished!! :)

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Cathal (depression)

With neurofeedback training you really need to persevere and give it a chance. Results might not happen for a while but eventually you see it does work. I feel that my depression is less severe and has eased. You just need to have faith in the system. I think there has been a definite change in the depression as it is less severe and I feel that I am much better able to cope in a crisis. Aside from the depression I do think I’m not as anxious, although anxiety is a part of the depression. I came originally to deal with my ongoing depression and I’ve achieved that. It is not gone away but it is very much reduced. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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Marion (panic disorder)

I suffered from terrifying panic attacks for over 8 years. I was violently ill for hours with each attack, suffering from headaches, heart palpitations, sweating and trembling. I tried many forms of help including counselling, hypnotherapy and medication. But nothing seemed to stop the attacks. The fear of an attack was forcing me to limit my life in many ways. I read about neurofeedback in a Sunday paper and searched for a provider. I was very lucky to find Dr. Michael Keane at Actualise. The treatment was painless. Since I had neurofeedback treatment I have not had a panic attack. I am now able to go out socially without worry of an attack. My confidence has increased so much that I now forget to carry my rescue remedy with me! Neurofeedback has given me my life back. Thank you Dr. Keane.

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Liam (ADHD)

I did 20 neurofeedback sessions with Dr. Keane during 2012 and early 2013. My interest in neurofeedback came from the fact that I could not cope with the side effects of stimulants and atomoxemine alone was not helping me deal with all the problems I had as a consequence of ADHD. After having a look at different providers, I chose Dr. Keane’s service because they seemed the most qualified providers in the Dublin area. Michael Keane was kind enough to meet me before starting the treatment to answer some of the doubts I had. He also took the time during the treatment to explain the science behind neurofeedback, what could be realistically expected from the treatment, how the procedure works and was in general very supportive.

Neurofeedback is hard work, a bit like lifting weights with the brain. But the hard effort pays off. Six months after having finalised sessions, I have more control of my capacity to concentrate and to stop daydreaming. I therefore recommend neurofeedback as part of the treatment to deal with adult ADHD, together with medication, education about the impact of ADHD on executive functions and a balanced lifestyle.

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Sam (anxiety)

As a solicitor I experienced a lot of stress on the job, coupled with worries about home life, family etc, anxiety was a near permanent factor in my everyday life. I have always had a tendency to worry excessively. I think that I was born that way. I have always made the effort to counteract it with trying CBT, working out etc.

I heard about Neurofeedback on the radio. I was intrigued but skeptical. I did a lot of research on it and decided to give it a go. I knew at the very least it wouldn’t do any harm.

Neurofeedback was a great experience from start to finish. The staff couldn’t be more friendly and professional. The entire process was explained in great detail and every effort was made to make me more comfortable and to tailor the program to suit me. The feedback from the staff and the program itself was a great motivator. I was continually reassured and given great encouragement.

I didn’t notice anything much until session 12. I left that session feeling, what I can only describe as a ‘lift’. I didn’t put it down to Neurofeedback but as the week continued I began to notice a sense of calm when anything potentially troubling arose. That feeling continued and even intensified on the next session. While that pure feeling of almost ‘floated’ has settled down, I continue to experience a normalising of my emotions. My reactions are now without that stabbing anxiety I would usually experience. It’s a new lease of life for me. My only concern now is that I maintain this for the long term. Having experienced the freedom from anxiety, I know that life is just too short to live with it. By the 17/18 session I also realised that Neurofeedback had eliminated a form of depression that I hadn’t even realised was having such a negative effect on me. I no longer wake up with a gloomy feeling about the day, or go into spins of negative thinking if something goes wrong. I am really grateful for this lift in mood generally. It makes life so much easier.

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Enda (learning and memory and processing anomalies)

I suffer from memory problems and I am very shy. This made me withdraw from people and a little depressed. I heard about Actualise on the radio and thought it sounded like something that could help me.

My experience was excellent. Everybody was really helpful and tried to accommodate me in every way possible. Things were explained to me and I was always aware of what was going on. There has been an improvement in my memory but the biggest change has been in my confidence. Lots of people have remarked that I am much more talkative. I go out more, see my friends regularly and more willing to take part in group chats. I am much happier and more confident.

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Lisa (depression)

I felt very despondent and had no motivation. I felt as if I was existing rather than living. I felt as if was a shadow of my former self. A friend recommended NFT and when I read the information, I felt it was what I needed. When I met Michael for the assessment and when he explained what the training entailed, I felt this was the way forward for me.

The team were very supportive and encouraging and it put me totally at ease from the first session. From very early on in the training, I could see results and my life changing. Previously I stressed out about even the most trivial of things where as now, I barely know what stress is. I feel that I am back to my old self again. I feel motivated and enjoy getting out walking again. My energy levels have improved considerably. Now I sleep because of tiredness and not because of low mood.

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Jenna (anxiety)

Life was very stressful as I had a lot of fear around everything and a constant pain/heaviness in my chest. I limited my life because of worry and fear and I did not enjoy life at all. Everything was stressful and fearful.

The experience was very professional, helpful and comfortable. Everything was explained clearly, no false expectations were raised. A very measured approach was taken. The staff were very helpful, friendly and approachable.

My experience of life and living is easier and more positive. The pain in my chest lifted. Worry is not so all consuming. I still worry and stress but not at the level I did before. I now even feel happy and positive on occasions.

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